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Corporate Culture

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The culture system

 一.Aim: Integrate toy industry chain, to be professional toy supply and customization service providers.

          Company ZHORYA is located in Chenghai---The home of toys, which has varies high class toys. We have a super professional technical team and service team that can provide             clients  personalized order and superior toys.

二.Misson: With high class toys to build happy family.

         We have high requires to the qualities of our products: only healthy and safe toys. We take it great important to let our toys bring happiness to every child around the           world and make parents have positive interactions with their baby-kids.

三.Vision: Create a professional toy supply and customization service platform.

          At present we are focused on OEM,ODM. In the future we will make our service more efficient. Service is mainly reflected in price, product quality, service efficiency,            service attitude and quality. The value of the platform is mainly reflected in product manufacturers, upstream and downstream, customers, and employees (industry                  advantages, industry standards, and industry platform).

四.Core CultureTeamEfficient, ExploitRefinement.

          1.TeamTake giving as a pleasure, can face tasks and solve problems together.

          2.Efficient: Finish tasks in time

                 3.Exploit: a. Explore mark-demanding toys and factories. b. Continuously develop customers demands, market analysis, develop new products and increase the quantities of              order. 

                 4.Refinement: Be careful to work 

五.Values of company: grasp overall situation、 people oriented、create benefits.

         1.Grasp overall situation: Grasp the marketing demands, through data analysis to make the effective operation of customers and customer analysis; At the same time                   should grasp the quality of production of  the supplier, fully understand the information of the product.

         2.People oriented: People refer to employees, customers, suppliers can learn to empathy

         3.Create benefits: Personal output benefits; Company cost control; Experience sharing.

六.Value of team: Dedication、Praxis and Innovation Creating ValueSelf-development! 

                  1.Dedication: Love your job. Respect and be responsible.    

         2.Do everything steadfastly. Except fulfill duties, should summarize and refine to upgrade and innovate constantly. 

         3.Creating Value:price =value.Take initiative and try your best to create value for the company, the team and yourself.

         4.Self-development:Be willing to learn and share.

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