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About  Zhorya Toys

ZHORYA is one of the largest trading companies of plastic, wooden and plush toys, besides baby clothes and baby products in China. The company has been operating for more than 10 years. During this period, it has established as a reliable partner in the Russian, English speaking and Latin American markets.

Zhorya Toys is an international company which employs more than 100 workers, including multiple nationalities, experienced sales managers, translators, experts in research of goods and manufacturers, professional warehouse workers; this providing a different approach to our service and products.

In the sales department, there are 10 managers with knowledge of the Russian and English language, for the convenience of our customers.

Also, the company has employees who are native speakers of the Russian, English and Spanish language, namely:

- Scriptwriter, who composes unique scenarios to the toys with sounds;

- Designers who develop the design of packaging taking into account the needs of the market of the CIS countries;

- Translators who creating the names of toys, as well as descriptions for it in clients’ language;

- Manager who oversees the work of the sales department and is constantly in touch with customers.

The company's business is built on finding solutions to meet customer needs. 

- Designing boxes for customer own brand,

- Creating and recording specific scripts for the client,

- Searching for factories and the production of an individual series of toys for the client's request "From idea to production!" and much more.

Showroom Office

 In the showroom building there is an office with employees who work directly with a large number of factories.

Every day new products come directly from the factories to our office, where employees carefully check the goods for quality, after which the toys arrive on the shelves of the showroom. 


The database amounts more than 800 thousand items, some of them are displayed at the showroom of our company in 1500 sq.m. divided in 3 floors.  The samples of some products at the showroom are classified by factories, novelties and other categories, for convenient work. 

Cleanliness, order and accurate displayed of goods are maintained in the halls to make presentation to customers.

The employees of the company are ready to meet the client at any time. In addition, our employees can serve our customers in English and Russian language. 



The warehouse is also located in Shantou, where professional personnel receive ready goods from factories every day, and prepare them for shipment. Warehouse personnel carefully check and weigh the goods. In the case of sending toys from the Russian series, the product is checked by a Russian-speaking worker and verify the properly installation of a integrated chip and the absence of defects on toys and package, in order to ensure the good status the goods.

When checking the goods, the records are kept; all the details are photographed, and stored in the archive. 

The company carefully monitors the quality control, for effective operation, a camera is installed in the warehouse; all shipments from the factories are recorded, ensuring to load the goods on the container safely.

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