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Corporate Culture

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The Corporate Culture of ZHORYA

1. Target: to create a professional, efficient chain supply and a personalized service platform.

We have large experience providing OEM and ODM service to our customers, aiming to improve every day. Our service is based on three fundamental pillars: price, product quality and service efficiency.

By our service platform we join together costumers all over the world with local Chinese manufacturers, easing the process of selecting products and negotiating with factories.

2. Mission: to keep up with the state-of-art toys in the industry, to stay updated with regulation concerning to our clients worldwide and to offer personalized service to our clients.

SHANTOU ZHORYA TOYS LTD. CO. is located in Chenghai - the well-know City of Toys in China. In China it is said: “Most of the world’s toys come from China, most of the Chinese toys come from Guangdong, and most of Guangdong toys come from Shantou Chenghai.”. 

Hence we have access to toys from any category, any standard of quality and any range of prices; always guaranteeing quality standards and valid certifications. 

Our developing and sales departments are formed by people from different nationalities; offering personalized service in several languages.

3. Vision: help and promote healthy, happy development on kids.

We keep high standards and requirements in all our products; trading only with the best materials and safe toys.

We pay big attention to the didactic and pedagogic properties of our products making sure they promote positive interactions between kids and between them and their parents.

4. Core Culture: Team building, efficiency, market knowledge, thorough work.

  1. Team building: in our company we care about supporting each other, helping each other, because we believe that is how we can provide our best service; we are stronger together.

  2. Efficiency: we give big importance on meeting our deadlines, because we know that every little delay affects to our customers businesses. 

  3. Market knowledge: in order to provide a good service we pay attention to three main factors: customer’s needs, market trends and manufacturers offer.

  4. Thorough work: we are aware that nowadays small mistakes can couse big setbacks, that is why we care about details avoiding troubles for our clients

5. Company's values: 

  1. People oriented: we never forget that what really matters is people. That is why we take good care of our clients as well as of our employees.

  2. Win-win: we believe that a long-term commercial relation can only happen when both parties win.

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